Doors & Hardware: Hollow Metal Doors & Frames

Chicago Bulletproof -
Chicago Bullet Proof Systems is a high quality designer and manufacturer of architectural products dedicated to providing the best protections available to the financial, government, commercial and private industries. Chicago Bullet Proof is a leader in the bullet resistant industry with innovative engineering, UL testing, and quality manufacturing.

Curries -
The quality & reliability of CURRIES doors & frames have made them a favored choice for construction projects worldwide. Using only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques, CURRIES produces metal doors and frames in a wide variety of sizes, gauges, and styles to meet the full range of safety, security and aesthetic requirements. Metal Doors (Composite, Steel-Stiffened), Metal Frames (Masonry/Drywall, CCW Frame Components, SideLight Units), Fire Listed Doors & Frames (Single Swing, Double Swing, Knock-Down Slip-On Drywall Frames, Double Egress, Multiple Opening Frame, Transom Panel Frame Without Transom Bar, Transom and/or Sidelite/Panel Frame Panel Frames, Lite Frames. Fire Labeled Doors (Single, Pairs & Double Egress), StormPro (Tornado Product), Windstorm (Hurricane Product), ReadySet (Delivered to jobsite fully prefinished & preassembled) CURRIElum & LiteGuide (answer an important life-safety challenge by illuminating exit locations to facilitate quick and safe egress), LEED Certified

Ceco -
Doors - Standard & Fire Doors: honeycomb core (regent & omega) insulated polystyrene foam core (legion, ultrador), insulated polyurethane foam core (imperial & versadoor), steel stiffened laminated core with polyurethane foam or fiberglass (trio), steel stiffened core (medallion & 450 degree temperature rise medallion) mineral fiber core 250 degree temperature rise (fuego), stile & rail entrance doors (thrulite), stainable steel factory finish (madera) Specialty Doors & Door Systems: security door system (RestrictDor), stainless steel (Stainless Tech), school door lifetime warranty (Medallion Maxim), smoke control systems (Smoke Tech), bullet resistant doors (Armor Shield), sound control system (Sound-Tech Xpress & Sound-Tech Systems), security sidelite, privacy sidelite, sight light system, readyset system. Tornado (Windstorm) Resistant Products: StormPro Door & Frame Systems - Hurricane (Windstorm) Resistant Products: Ceco Hurricane Product Matrix, State of Florida Bldg Code Website, Dade NOA #09.0505.09 - FRAMES: standard, drywall - Custom Frames: custom, communicating, custom series weather-stripped (kerf), double egress, kd sidelight - Specialty Frames & Frame Systems: electrified (electrolynx), stainless (stainless tech), bullet resistant (armor shield)

Steelcraft -
Doors: L-series, SL-series, B-series, T-series, CE-series, A-series, Paladin PW series, H-series, HE series Frames: F & FN series, MU series, FE & DE series, DW & K series - Specialty Products: INPact Door System, Sound Control Systems, Graintech

Overly Door Company -
Doors: acoustical (metal & wood), blast resistant, bullet resistant, vault doors - Door Hardware: hinges, locks & panics, pressure vent, breaker bars

Vale Doors -
FRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester) Doors, Hardware, Vision Kits, Framing

Timely -
Pre-Finished Steel Door Frames: fire-rated, sidelite, borrowed lite, communicating door frames, pocket door frames, and adjustable door frames

Rediframe -
rediframe, rediflex, kerf rediframe, kerf rediflex, hollow metal - Hardware: strikes, silencers, strike covers, screws, hinges, weatherstripping, thresholds, threshold extenders, casing, casing retainers, closer reinforcements

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