Toilet Partitions: Metal

Hadrian -
Powder Coated & Stainless Steel (Standard, Elite, Elite Plus) Plastic, Arch Plastic Lockers: Emperor, Gladiator

Mills -
Division of Bradley-Partitions: Fusion Granite & Stainless Steel, Solid Phenolic Core, Baked Enamel, Plastic Laminate Bradmar Solid Plastic, Stainless Steel

General -
Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic Laminate, Solid Phenolic Core, Shower/Dressing Compartments Urinal Screens - Lockers: Solid Plastic HDP (High Density Polymer)

Global -
Polymer (HDPE), Plastic Laminate, Phenolic Color-Thru, Phenolic Black-Core, Stainless Steel, Powder Coated, Shower Products, Privacy & Urinal Screens

All American -
Powder Coat, Stainless Steel, Solid Plastic (HDPE), Plastic Laminate, Phenolic

Sanymetal -
Sanyacrylic, Sanystainless, Sanyplastic, Sanyphenolic, Sanypoly (Academy, Normandie, Century) Urinal Screens, Special Shower/Dressing Compartments

Accurate Partitions -
Material: Powder Coat, Stainless Steel, Plastic Laminate, Solid Plastic, Phenolic Styles: Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced, Floor Anchored, Ceiling Hung, Floor & Ceiling Anchored, Urinal Screens

Metpar -
Toilet Partitions, Urinal Screens and Shower Enclosures. Configurations: Overhead-Braced, Ceiling Hung, Floor Mounted, Eastern Style. Finish: Powder Shield (Powder Coated Baked Enamel), Stainless Steel, Plastic Laminate, Polly (Solid Plastic HDPE) and Phenolic.

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